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About JDX department

As the innovation lab of JD Logistics, JD X focuses on "Internet+Logistics" and is dedicated to building smart warehousing / logistics systems for the future. JD X has been self-developing a series of cutting-edge technologies, such as fully automated logistics centers, warehousing robots, drones, autonomous delivery robots and unmanned vehicles.

Following the development of unmanned technologies, JD's smart logistics solutions can be implemented in diversified scenarios to meet the complex needs of clients, and to improve operational efficiency and user experience.

Contact Us

Email: jdx_market@jd.com

Working Hour: 09:00-21:00

Business Cooperation

  • JD Autonomous Delivery Robots

    EMAIL: xrobot@jd.com

  • JD Drones

    EMAIL: drone@jd.com

  • JD Smart Warehousing Solutions

    EMAIL: xwarehouse@jd.com

  • JD Unmanned Convenience Store Solutions

    EMAIL: jdxmart@jd.com

  • JD Farm

    EMAIL: jdfarm@jd.com

  • JD AI Vending Machines

    EMAIL: jdxbox@jd.com

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