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JD Drone is committed to creating a trunk-level, branch-line, and end-level three-level drone and navigation logistics system, which is intended to cover the vast rural areas of the country and achieve village-to-village, county-to-county connectivity. JD aims to gradually establish trunk and branch logistics networks, and finally build a world-integrated smart logistics network to achieve a two-hour logistics life circle and enhance the shopping experience for consumers
At present, JD Drone is building a three-level UAV and navigation logistics system, establishing trunk, branch line, and terminal UAV logistics distribution, and gradually building an integrated Drone smart logistics network.
Since its establishment in October 2015, JD.com has applied for more than 100 patents, and has carried out a large number of technical practices and accumulations in flight control, active obstacle avoidance, intelligence, and cluster flight. The close cooperation between JD.com and Shaanxi Province takes the lead in creating the world's first province to realize logistics network covering drones, vehicles and more, opening up a complete practical scenario for the application and supervision of drones in China, and gradually builds an integrated UAV smart logistics network.
JD Drone Flight Service Center, affiliated to JD.com, is the world's first smart logistics operation center, and is also a high-end smart logistics talent training and delivery base for smart logistics.
JD Drone Flight Service Center is a professional training organization certified by AOPA. It hola professional qualification for certifying for drone pilots, as well as multi-rotor and helicopter training and it is also the only training institution in China with a capability for logistics UAV application training.

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