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AI Vending Machines type

  • Solutions
  • Operational Scenarios

Hardware (Fridge and Identification Unit) • Algorithm (Multi-Camera Identification) • Software and System
Supply Chain:
JD can provide a full range of SKUs and supply chain support, and develop backend operation systems for immediate customer use
Give customers access to JD.com’s massive advertiser base, with advertising revenue belonging to the customerShare JD advertising resources with customers
Agency operation services:
JD can provide agency operation services for customers without operational capability
Financial Services:
JD can provide financial leasing services to help customers obtain necessary capital support
Big Data::
JD can leverage big data to provide customers with site selection and category recommendations to drive sales

Multiple Operational Scenarios
Hotel; Transportation Hub; Office Buildings; Campus; Social Communities
Diversified Scenarios, More Flexible Products
1. Food:
Drinks: Soft drinks, Fruit juice, Tea, Yogurt, etc
Snacks: Stewed meat, Dried fruit, Dried meat, Candy, Puffed food, etc
Fruit; Stewed meat, Crayfish, Snails, etc
Over-the-counter drugs; Adult supplies
4.Daily necessities:
Luggage, Clothing, Mobile Phone Accessories, Eye Patches, etc
5.Beauty and Skin Care:
Perfume, Skin care products, Facial tissue, Beauty products, etc
More products for you to discover~

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