• Unmanned warehouse after-sale service

Technical training
Provide technical training opportunities for clients' employees to reduce the cost of equipment operation and maintenance, lower the risk of downtime, and correctly use and maintain the equipment.
l Course customization, expert training
Customize flexible professional training courses based on clients' needs and actual situation
l Theory and practice test
Verify the corresponding theoretical knowledge and practical operation ability, check omissions and make up for deficiencies
l Issue of training certificate
The certificate confirms the training results of the course; later independent maintenance of equipment and maintenance engineer certification
Equipment Maintenance
Regularly carry out preventive maintenance and service for the equipment to ensure the best performance of the equipment and the entire system for a long time and lower the risk of failure.
l Routine operation
"Special maintenance plan and list for routine operationfor different types of equipment "
l Customized maintenance plan
Make customized maintenance plans according to application scenario to reduce production loss cost
Equipment Repair
We provide free telephone and remote technical support services. When the equipment fails, we can quickly use electronic diagnostic tools to help you solve problems through remote support
l Remote Support
Engineer remote support, training operation, upgrade function
l Onsite Repairs
Onsite engineering assistance, long-term equipment repair
l Parts Replacement
Supports periodic replacement of equipment parts
l Fast Troubleshooting
Electronic diagnosis and analysis of equipment, remote assistance in troubleshooting short-term faults
Service Contract
We provide lifelong service support for the products or equipment. Even after the agreed warranty period, we can still provide customized service guarantee scheme for your equipment or system by signing the service contract.
24-Hour Remote Support
On-site accompany production
Spare Parts Support
Preventive Maintenance
Periodic Onsite Inspection and Maintenance
Upgrade and Expansion
Authentic spare parts
The original authentic spare parts can provide the best guarantee for the stable and safe operation of your equipment. Every part, component or assembly part we provide is designed and manufactured by ourselves or purchased from standard parts, which fully conforms to international quality and safety standards.
l Reasonable price
JD authentic spare parts, original parts quality assurance, cost price sale
l Quick spare parts preparation
Network delivery from spare parts warehouse across the country, rapid arrival, greatly reducing the impact of equipment damage
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