• The smart handling system independently developed by JD can solve pain points such as high employee turnover, long work hours and high personnel costs common to conventional methods of handling.


  • Smart forklift
  • Pegasus AGV
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce labor intensity
  • Reduce investment risk
  • Flexible and scalable
Application scenario
  • Cold chain
  • stacking
  • Stack
  • High shelf
Equipment model and main parameters
JD smart forklift series JDT20-01 JDR14S-02 JDTL14-02
Device pictures
Boundary dimensions L * w * H (mm) 2105*886*2029 2105*886*2029 2175*800*2035
Weight (including battery) (kg) 859 3065 1325
Maximum Cargo handling Mass (Kg) 2000 1400 1400
Lifting height (mm) 125 5760 2924
Guide method Laser
safety protection Configuration of safety protection laser, three-color buzzer warning light, ultrasonic sensor, etc
charging method Auto charge / offline
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