• The robotic arm picking system is JD's self-developed system for the selection and removal of goods in warehouse and logistics contexts. The purpose is to solve pain points such as the loss of handling goods, low staff picking efficiency.


  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve picking accuracy
  • Reduce labor cost
Application scenario
  • Small items are picked in boxes
  • Palletizing wire for Middleware
  • Package supply
Main parameters of scene application
Robotic arm model Picking out of middleware warehouse Picking out of Small items warehouse Six-axis supply package
Device pictures
Adapted category and package Small kitchen appliances, drinks, milk, boxed daily necessities, etc. 3C, boxed food, general merchandise, etc Small package, dust bag package, etc
Adaptive dimension 200mm-600mm 50mm-200mm 100*70mm-380*380mm
Adaptive weight 50kg or less 1.5kg or less 3kg or less
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