• Simulation and data smart analysis

    JDX unmanned warehouse simulation and data analysis platform is composed of simulation modeling, warehouse brain and industrial big data. It focuses on the operation process of automation equipment from five major fields, and creates a digital intelligent diagnosis and analysis platform in an all-round way.


Core capability
Digital solutions
Digital smart logistics plan design

Through on-site research, industry and business analysis, logistics data analysis, demand analysis, design goals, and process determination,Optimize system efficiency, logistics equipment selection, and provide customers with high-quality conceptual solutions.

Logistics and supply chain algorithm

Provide algorithm consulting service based on the business that can be optimized in logistics, supply chain and even production scenarios, and process strategy. And carry out data mining, prediction and analysis based on operation data provided by clients and guide clients to respond to optimization and adjustment

Simulation service

Provide customized simulation services for clients, and realize the algorithm and data in the simulation as optional parts. Simulation video, simulation model, available simulation service interface, etc.

Digital system integration service

Providing online real-time operation analysis and resource allocation suggestions through smart decision-making system; recording hardware status of equipment and provide hardware equipment and operation data analysis report.

Warehouse brain smart logistics platform
Smart decision system, providing online real-time operation analysis and resource allocation suggestions; providing analysis report of hardware equipment and operation data.
Smart operation
  • Forecast order quantity that the warehouse will receive
  • Suggestions on allocation and implementation of production resources
  • Forecast the short-term order production in the future, and provide suggestions for warehouse workstation and robot scheduling
Smart diagnosis
  • Uniform storage and management of equipment basic information, spare parts information, repair application and maintenance records
  • Health assessment and automatically push diagnosis suggestions
  • Find in advance and automatically push diagnosis suggestion to peripheral environment of robot operation
Smart screen
  • Real-time dynamic operation of robots across the country
  • Real-time display of working video and electronic map of robot on site
  • Mobile BI data real-time checking
Smart compass
  • Automatic generation of robot fault analysis report
  • Automatically generate operation analysis report
Instant consultation
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