• Software system-JDWCS

    JDWCS system is fully developed by JD.com and has a number of intellectual property rights. It provides modern logistics comprehensive solutions for e-commerce, retail, manufacturing and other industries. The system consists of three core modules: production integration layer (PIS), intelligent scheduling layer (AIS) and equipment control layer (ECS). Multiple bits of equipment can cooperate and connect in an orderly way through the integration of multiple devices. It can realize the application scenario of fewer humans or no human, so as to greatly improve operation efficiency of production and create more value for industry clients.

System architecture
System functions
Production integration layer
Smart scheduling layer
Equipment control layer
Warehouse work
Arrival registration
Computational flow direction
Upper shelf
Warehouse inventory transfer management
Multilevel packing
Multi-mode acceptance
Cross docking
Production scheduling
Task allocation
Orders picking
Rechecking and packing
Picking and sorting together
Confluence production
Multi-mode production
Assembly processing
Smart tallying
Inventory warning
Replenishment management
Inventory Checking
Difference center
Batch attribute management
Inter warehouse allocation
Handling work
Logistics handling
Production line handling
Fixed destination
Dynamic destination
Loading operations
Unloading operations
Data monitoring
Sorting work
Packages supply
Packages sorting
Single-package delivery
Goods sowing 
Receipt printing
Dynamic sorting planning
Smart planning
Smart grouping optimization algorithm
Capacity calculation, prediction and control
Human-machine mixed task diversion
Dynamic resource matching adjustment
Smart central control
Global resource monitoring and warning
Visual real-time monitoring screen
Smart road network Learning optimization
Abnormal acoustic/photoelectric detection alarm
Smart handling scheduling
Multi-layer congestion structure detection
Timeslice prediction and path finding
Optimization of dynamic all-connected path network
Real time traffic management control
smart computing
Goods, inventory, and other big data/deep learning
Multi-dimensional storage sorting adjustment
Recommendation of smart shelf and storage
Dynamic inventory evaluation, adjustment suggestions

ECS (equipment control system) is used to coordinate the operation of various equipment,such as goods-to-person system, high density storage system and smart picking system. Using C/S architecture,it optimizes the decomposition of tasks, analyzes the execution path, and provides guarantee and optimization for the scheduling instructions of the upper system through task engine and message engine,to realize the integration, unified scheduling and monitoring of various equipment system interfaces.

System advantages
Customized configuration
Flexible system docking mode and interface
High efficient self-developed smart algorithm
Mature system deployment and implementation experience
A large number of equipment types and manufacturer integration experience
Production and application experience with very large warehouses
Instant consultation
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